Foreign Pedophiles in Cambodia

Sponsors Benefit

Foreign contributors to a Cambodian school for underpriveleged children get to have sex with the kids two at a time. Read the full story.

Haven for International Pedophiles

It's easy to escape the courts if you have power or money...
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Getting Hard to Detect

The perpetrators are becoming more savvy. The trend is going much more underground, and hidden, and veiled.
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Taking Kids Into the Woods

Witnesses complained that he was taking boys into a wooded area.
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Pied Piper of Pedophiles

74 year-old sent packing to the USA
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93 year-old Australian Man

approached a family offering the four daughters English lessons at his home.
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Old American English Teacher

If convicted of foreign travel to have sex with a child, he faces a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison.
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Hunting Pedophiles in Cambodia

"Don't think that simply buying a plane ticket to leave the United States and go to a country that has less robust investigative and prosecutorial capacities that you are going to be able to get away with it." Watch the video

"...predatory pedophiles know this is a very poor country, and everything is for sale." Watch the video.

"...He tried to bribe us, saying, 'how much do you want?'" Watch the video.

An Open Letter to George Maurice (88) of Rhode Island

Dear George,

You have repeatedly spoken to people about how disgusting I am for fabricating stories about your behaviour in Cambodia, yet to my understanding I have not fabricated anything whatsoever.  I would really appreciate answers to the following questions, since perhaps I have misunderstood some things.

Q1.  When you arrived in Cambodia for your first extended stay, one of the first things you said was, “[your] family and friends all think [you’ve] come to Cambodia for young girls, why do they have to think that?”  My question to you, George, is why did they think that?  Did they know something we should have been alerted about?

Q2.  When you repeatedly told us you want to try everything sexual before you die, what did you actually mean?  Given Cambodia’s reputation for being a pedophile’s playground, I would have expected you to very clearly exclude Cambodian children from your sexual bucket list, unless they were actually on that list.

Q3.  During the 2009/10 dry season, there was a disco at the Rotong in Kep.  My guess, having seen a dramatic increase in cute little girls in short shorts riding around Kep during that time, is that the average age of those girls was fifteen years.  During your stay, you repeatedly had two connected requests, “Let’s go find some girls!  Let’s go to the disco!”  Since you have repeatedly denied wanting to go to the disco or look for girls, my question to you, George, is what you actually meant when you suggested we go look for girls, or when you asked us to take you to the disco?

Q4.  When you shared a room with Scott Woz, did you really brag to him about faking a bad back to get our cleaners’ hands on you?  Did you really say, “look at this, their hands are all over me!”  Did you really encourage him to do the same?  If you said these things, but didn’t really mean them, what did you actually mean?

Q5.  When you beckoned us all to watch two boy-dogs mating, you made the comment, “he’s a good dog, he doesn’t discriminate.”  What actually was going on in your head?  Did this give you some kid of voyeuristic pleasure?  Was this kind of thing on your sexual bucket list?  This event seemed very distasteful and quite bizarre to us all? 

Q6.  When you tried to shove generic viagra into the hands of me and Scott Woz, in the presence of my wife and our sixteen year old receptionist, what were you actually doing?

Q7.  In April 2010, when your return to the USA was imminent, you complained to us that it’s very difficult in America when you have an active libido at your age and that you didn’t really have anything to go back to.  Are you actually in Cambodia to express your active libido?

Q8.  After I confronted you about our staff feeling very uncomfortable with your long, up and down the body stares, you responded in an email by saying that it’s because our receptionist reminded you of your own granddaughter.  What did you actually mean by this?

Q9.  Every time we drove past a provincial Cambodian school (tens of times) and the kids were all riding roadside in uniform, you commented on how much you liked to see them on their bikes with their straight backs etc.  Why, actually, did you like this so much?

Q10.  After one of your employees made serious allegations about you trying to get her into bed, you apparently told her you only love her like a granddaughter.  What did you actually mean by this? You then immediately put your property into her name.  Was this actually to shut her up?

Q.11.  According to Mr Eight, your butterfly farm manager, you offered him $3,000 for his old wooden house, dismantled and rebuilt on your property for him to live in while he works for you.  He complained to us several times, that you only paid him $1,200.  This is not dissimilar to the tactics you used with us, putting him in a financially vulnerable position, where if he crossed you, he’d risk losing his job, his $1,800 and he wouldn’t have a home to go to.  Is it purely coincidental that Mr Eight’s kids spend much of their time upstairs behind closed doors with you when you live in Kep or is the financial bind you have Mr Eight in actually designed to ensure you can have the pleasure of their company without question?

Q12.  What actually motivates an American man in his late 80s with a sexual bucket list like yours, to spend half the year behind closed doors with young Cambodian children?

Q13.  Word around Kep a couple of years ago was that you were going to start a dance school under you house at the butterfly farm.  Khmers immediately thought you were after their kids.  Was the dance school intended for the good of the poor Cambodians who lived in the area, or actually for your own titillation?

Q14.  There is a rumour around Kep, that Mr Eight is trying to get your butterfly farm property into his name, then intends to kill you.  Did you start this rumour as pre-emptive defence – in case his kids complain about you?  It seems like a very convenient defence, “Mr Eight was trying to convince me to put my property in his name, then he intended to kill me!  He’s got his kids to fabricate stories about me touching them up because he didn’t get my property!”

Q15.  Has it crossed your mind that Mr Eight feels cornered by you, and the property in his name may seem to him like fair compensation for having the pleasure of his children’s company?  I understand that would play into your hands, since if he’s got his eyes on the property he’ll do anything to please you.

Q16.  Are you aware that, after you fell down your booby-trap-like stairs and were flown back to the US for treatment, we received news that Mr Eight got drunk in Kep and told everybody that he had provided his young relative’s virginity for your pleasure, and you didn’t compensate him fairly?  I presume he thought he’d lost the lot when you were sent back to the US.  Did you actually take the virginity of Mr Eight’s young relative for your pleasure?

Q17.  How do you think your American wife feels each time you jump on a plane for Cambodia?

In February 2010, when we informed you that there were allegations against you for sexual harassment, your response was so extreme that I thought there must have been a history, which your family should have alerted us to before we ever got involved with you.  I raised this with your family, via social media, and they were very quick to jump to our defence.  A most telling message I received was, and I quote, “I truly hope you don’t let him destroy all you’ve worked for.  You have such a beautiful place there and the Cambodians you have helped need you and others like you.” Well, I have done all I can to protect my family, my property and our Cambodian staff, and I tried to maintain some kind of hope that justice would prevail, but in a place where money buys court officials, even the most ardent fight was destined to be unsuccessful.  Your family was very right George, in their estimation that you would set out to destroy all we had worked for.  They clearly know you very well.  There is clearly a very telling history.

This begs the question, were your family and friends in the US also correct in their presumption that your decision in your 80s to frequent Cambodia was for the purpose of seeking out young girls?

If I knew you like I know you now George (and like your family clearly knows you), I would never have engaged with you, and it is very disappointing that nobody took the time to alert us to your destructive and sordid history prior to us becoming involved with each other.  Regardless of the likelihood that they would lose their rather large inheritance if you found out they’d spoken with us, I believe they have neglected their moral and ethical responsibility to protect the innocent.  I sincerely hope this letter alerts other potential victims, as we should have been alerted and that enormous amounts of grief can be avoided simply by avoiding you.



george maurice
George Maurice DVM (Dr of Veterinary Medicine)

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