Foreign Pedophiles in Cambodia

Sponsors Benefit

Foreign contributors to a Cambodian school for underpriveleged children get to have sex with the kids two at a time. Read the full story.

Haven for International Pedophiles

It's easy to escape the courts if you have power or money...
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Getting Hard to Detect

The perpetrators are becoming more savvy. The trend is going much more underground, and hidden, and veiled.
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Taking Kids Into the Woods

Witnesses complained that he was taking boys into a wooded area.
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Pied Piper of Pedophiles

74 year-old sent packing to the USA
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93 year-old Australian Man

approached a family offering the four daughters English lessons at his home.
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Old American English Teacher

If convicted of foreign travel to have sex with a child, he faces a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison.
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Hunting Pedophiles in Cambodia

"Don't think that simply buying a plane ticket to leave the United States and go to a country that has less robust investigative and prosecutorial capacities that you are going to be able to get away with it." Watch the video

"...predatory pedophiles know this is a very poor country, and everything is for sale." Watch the video.

"...He tried to bribe us, saying, 'how much do you want?'" Watch the video.

An Open Letter to Cambodian Prime Minister

Samdech Hun Sen and the US Embassy

Dear Sirs/Madams,

I have left Cambodia for the safety of my family and I am now writing to complain about the activities of US Citizen, Mr George Eugene Maurice (88), from Rhode Island, which I believe are illegal and which the Cambodian Courts have assisted him in. I have chosen this means of communication because my wife wrote to you (see her letter here), Samdech Hun Sen in May 2014. She copied that letter to several Cambodian government ministries. We received no reply. The Cambodian courts have done us a grave injustice, so we have no choice but to address these issues publically. This is our first complaint.

Mr George contributed a significant amount of money to a project my wife and I were working towards, called Jasmine Valley Eco-Resort, in Kep.  Mr George offered us the money under the guise of wanting to “help poor Cambodians”.  We are of the impression that he really wanted to help himself to poor Cambodians, and that he was using this contribution to oblige us to turn a blind eye on his inappropriate behaviour, since immediately after we raised allegations of sexual harassment with him, he began to slander me by telling people I had stolen his money and intended to steal more.  As is common practice amongst sexual predators and pedophiles, to defame their victims as a preemptive defence. We believe he did this to ensure we would be seen as perpetrators and him as victim, should we ever go public.

He then demanded we repay the money he had contributed to the project.  We offered to sell the Eco-Resort in order to repay him and recoup some of what we had invested, and he immediately took an injunction with the Kampot Civil Court to ensure this would be impossible, and then sued us, demanding the court auction Jasmine Valley in order to repay him. We made several other offers to settle with him, but he didn't respond to any of them.

In Mr George’s opening complaint to the court, he declared that he had given us an “interest-free loan” of significantly more money than he had actually contributed.  Here are two documents for your amusement.  One is the summary of bank transfers Mr George claims were transfers to me, Owen Beck.  You will notice the highlighted transfer is for an amount of $55,000.  The second document is a copy of the actual bank transfer, which was submitted to the court.  You will notice, immediately, that the transfer is not to Owen Beck, but to George Eugene Maurice, himself.  The court conveniently overlooked that the money George said he lent was “interest free” and also overlooked that the transfer of $55,000 was to George himself, and awarded Mr George the full repayment, including the $55,000 as well as interest.

I can only think of two explanations for such an outcome.  Was it an oversight or ignorance on the Judge’s part?  Possible, but unlikely, since a ten-year-old kid would be able to see the transfer of $55,000 was fraudulent.  Did the Judge accept a bribe from Mr George?   This appears to be the only possibility, so we appealed the decision, expecting it to be overturned.

At the Appeal Court in Phnom Penh, three Judges overlooked the very same issues, despite the fact that we highlighted them.  It seemed that they, like the Judge at the Kampot Court, either lacked the intelligence of a ten-year-old kid, or they also received bribes.  This was astonishing!  So we took it to the Supreme Court.

At the Supreme Court, we explained in detail, through an interpreter, everything that had happened.  It was very complex, and I’m not sure all of it was clear to the seven Judges present.  When the Judges interrogated Mr George, we were surprised that they allowed George’s Lawyer, Mr Kong Rady, to answer all the questions instead of Mr George with an interpreter.  I believe this goes against proper court proceedings.  Furthermore, the seven Judges of the Supreme Court ruled in favour of Mr George being paid the $55,000 plus interest, despite the fact that it had been proven that the $55,000 transfer was to George, himself, and despite the fact that it had been highlighted to them that Mr George had already declared that the money was given to us “interest free”.  They justified this by saying that they recognise it’s not a transfer to Owen Beck, but that Mr George “told them” that he gave it to me, so they’re making me pay it back.  They didn't justify the addition of interest. Of course, this is the kind of thing a ten-year-old-kid might say.

Furthermore, despite the fact that Mr George had made so much trouble for us, the court awarded him compensation! It should have been us who were compensated!

So, if these problems in the Cambodian Courts highlight the possibility that eleven Judges have the mentality and intelligence of ten-year-old kids, then something needs to be done.  If however, they are very intelligent but have accepted bribes from Mr George, then something else needs to be done.  I would like to highlight a couple of things that might help an investigation into bribery begin. 

When Mr George came to Cambodia in 2009, he opened a bank account with Canadia Bank in Kampot.  He didn’t have a phone at the time, so he gave the bank my number, which was 0977917635.  If you are able to access phone records, you will see that a short phone call was made from the Canadia Bank to my number, just a few days before major court events.  The bank called me, thinking I was Mr George, and told me that another large sum of money had been transferred into his Cambodian account.  A few days later, we would hear from the court.  This was like clockwork.  It happened time after time.

You could also look at Mr George’s bank records, and you will see large amounts of money going into and out of Mr George’s account just days prior to court events.  It’s likely those amounts are not receipted, since bribes are generally secret.  The bribes are likely to have been given, or transferred to Mr Kong Rady, George’s Lawyer, who would have brokered the deal with the Judges.

We were told prior to Court proceedings that we would lose if we didn’t pay bribes, even though the law was on our side.  Given the decisions of the eleven Cambodian Judges lacked the intelligence of a ten-year-old kid, I would ask you, Samdech Hun Sen, to order a thorough investigation by Cambodian police.  I would also ask you to ensure that Mr George is appropriately investigated and prosecuted for Fraud, for the consistent and ongoing submission of this false evidence to the Cambodian Courts.  I would ask the US Embassy to have their agents investigate Mr George for bribery so he can be prosecuted in the United States.    We will be very happy to cooperate with any investigation.

I believe you will find that about half of the $55,000 Mr George transferred to himself was spent purchasing land on which he has built a butterfly farm in Kep.

On the morning of the 9th of January 2015, George Maurice purchased Jasmine Valley Eco-Resort from the court, so now has everything he set out to achieve, with the help of what appears to be corrupt, or stupid, Cambodian Judges.

Finally, here is a quote from a criminal court decision which was connected to the civil case:

Understanding that Mr. GEORGE MAURICE always came to stay at Mr. OWEN BECK's resort and he always took opportunity to commit sexual harassment wowards female employees. Seeing this improper behaviour of Mr. GEORGE MAURICE, Mr. OWEN BECK came to forbid and corrected him subsequently in good intention and in a manner as friends. In contrast, Mr. GEORGE MAURICE was angry and made a loan contract for JV dated 22/04/2010, forcing Mr. OWEN BECK to affix his thumbprint, but Mr. OWEN BECK did not do it. This turned Mr. GEORGE MAURICE to be furious and filed a complaint to Kampot provincial court to demand money from Mr. OWEN BECK.


Thank you for your time,

Owen Beck.

10th January 2015


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