Foreign Pedophiles in Cambodia

Sponsors Benefit

Foreign contributors to a Cambodian school for underpriveleged children get to have sex with the kids two at a time. Read the full story.

Haven for International Pedophiles

It's easy to escape the courts if you have power or money...
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Getting Hard to Detect

The perpetrators are becoming more savvy. The trend is going much more underground, and hidden, and veiled.
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Taking Kids Into the Woods

Witnesses complained that he was taking boys into a wooded area.
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Pied Piper of Pedophiles

74 year-old sent packing to the USA
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93 year-old Australian Man

approached a family offering the four daughters English lessons at his home.
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Hunting Pedophiles in Cambodia

"Don't think that simply buying a plane ticket to leave the United States and go to a country that has less robust investigative and prosecutorial capacities that you are going to be able to get away with it." Watch the video

"...predatory pedophiles know this is a very poor country, and everything is for sale." Watch the video.

"...He tried to bribe us, saying, 'how much do you want?'" Watch the video.

Finding a CRIMINAL Lawyer

The biggest threat to a sexual predator is the victim speaking out, whether it's to their immediate community or to the wider world via the press or internet. The sexual predator has a couple of things at their disposal to make sure they don't get exposed. Firstly, they need to tarnish the reputation of the intended victim (and anyone else in the community who might speak out against them) in case they complain to people in their community. If the perpetrator is able to make sure the community thinks the victim is a liar, and intends to somehow gain from defaming the predator, then there's a good chance the victim will keep their mouth shut. This is a very effective form of censorship.

If, however, a victim is likely to go beyond the immediate community to the press or the internet, one will need to use other forms of censorship via the threat of litigation. If, for example, a victim goes public, you may sue them for defamation. If they threaten to go public then you can sue them for blackmail. Blackmain is even better for the perpetrator, since it comes with a potential of up to five years jail. Most victims will be very scared of this.

Of course, if the victim doesn't fall for the threat, you may actually need to find a lawyer who has a successful track record of blackmail and defamation suits, and has been able to 'convince' judges without substantial evidence. Finding a lawyer like this shouldn't be hard to do. A Google search, or a search through some Cambodian newspapers should produce something pretty quickly.

George Maurice vs Owen Beck
In the open letter Owen Beck has posted to the Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen and the American Embassy, you'll notice the lawyer who represented George Maurice is a fellow by the name of Kong Rady (or Rady Kong, since in Cambodia they put the family name first). The writer of the open letter was actually convicted of Blackmail in July 2014 under quite bizarre circumstances. Owen Beck was initally summoned to the Kampot Court after allegations about blackmail, since he had, in a sequence of emails to George Maurice, reminded George of unsavoury behaviour and illegal things he had done while in Cambodia, and passionately asked George to stop doing what he was doing. Owen felt he had been very patient at this stage, but was nearing the point of no-return, a time when he would feel forced to go public. He hightlighted that he thought the threshold would be crossed if George sued Owen in the civil court in Kampot, with false claims and false evidence. Owen was found NOT GUILTY of blackmail, after a thorough investigation where it was learned by the investigating judge that George had consistenly sexually harassed young Khmer women who worked for Owen and that George had tried to force Owen (through violence towards Owen's pregnant wife) to sign a contract that would have given George complete control over Owen, his wife and his business. Sexual harassment and extortion are both criminal offences in Cambodia. George's attempt to force the signature is a five to ten year crime in Cambodia.

If you read Owen's letter you will see that George was, at this time, in the process of taking all Owen and his wife's property, through what appears to be illegal activities in the civil court. So, at this time, George was not only trying to destroy a thriving business that employed several poor young Cambodians and to take all Owen owned, but was also trying to have Owen jailed and his pregnant wife and young son left homeless in a country with no social security or health care. (Yet George claims he is in Cambodia to help poor people).

So, Owen was found not guilty. George was not happy with this so he appealed the decision. The appeal court confirmed that Owen was not guilty, and that would normally have been the end of it. However, and this is where it gets dark, months later, Owen's wife and staff were summoned to a hearing at the Kampot Court. It wasn't clear to them what the hearing was for, and Owen wasn't summoned. Owen's lawyer stopped taking his calls, stopped replying to messages and emails. Eventually, after weeks of trying to contact his lawyer, Owen sent a curt message and his lawyer agreed to meet. At the meeting it was disclosed that the hearing was Owen's hearing, for blackmaill! So, it appeared to be a trap, that Owen would bring his wife and staff to the court and Owen would basically be ambushed. Owen's lawyer saw that Owen's wife was pregnant with their third child, and had a compassionate turn. He told them they needed to leave the country immediately, so they did.

The hearing went ahead, with Owen's staff as witnesses, and according to those staff, at this hearing the judges told George's lawyer, Mr Kong Rady, that there was no evidence of blackmail and that he needed to let it go. Mr Rady apparently told the court that he needed to get a conviction and demanded a retrial, which was agreed to. Mr Rady told the court that if the court convicts Owen, and awards George $50,000 compensation, then George will donate the money to the Cambodian Red Cross. This seems unconventionl (illegal), that a lawyer should try and do a deal like this, given that the judges had already told him there was no case, besides, isn't Her Excellency Bun Rany the matron of the Rec Cross in Cambodia? Isn't she the wife of the Prime Minister, Samdech Hun Sen? Is George's lawyer trying to BRIBE the Prime Minister's wife? Really? and so publically? Wow! this seems pretty desperate.

It should be noted that by this stage, Owen had counter-sued George under Article 311of the Cambodian Criminal Code, which basically says that if you try and make trouble for someone by suing them when they haven't actually committed a crime, then you are guilty of slanderous denunciation. It's a foregone conclusion - you get jailed. So, Mr Rady was under pressure now to have Owen convicted, whether he was guilty or not, in order to avoid having his client, 88 year old George Maurice, jailed for making trouble. Having Owen convicted would likely mean Owen wouldn't return to Cambodia, and Owen was a key witness in charges against George Maurice for Extortion, Forgery and Sexual Harassment. Clever. Worth spending money on!

The court sent a summons to only one of Owen's staff for the retrial which was scheduled for a fortnight later. She turned up, but the judges didn't let her into the court. It was basically a private meeting between George's lawyer and the judge. Not surprisingly, Owen was convicted of Blackmail, fined $2,500 and given a two year suspended jail term. Of course, Owen is out of the country and won't return. George is free to do as he chooses, since Owen was the only person prepared to confront him for his inappropriate and illegal behaviour.

This lawyer is good, yes? How was he able to get so much done when the odds were stacked against him? The answer might lie in the fact that large sums of money were transfered into and out of George Maurice's Cambodian bank account just days before every major court event ;)

More on the Lawyer, Kong Rady
This is just one of Kong Rady's cases and it may not be helpful to generalise based on this story alone. If you really need a lawyer who can work this kind of magic, then it's wise to seek out at least another blackmail or defamation case or two, as well as 'miracle wins' like the one he had when he represented George Maurice.

Oh! here's one! James Ricketson has been found guilty of Posting Porn, Profiting from Prostitution and, wait for it, Threatening to Dishonour! That's blackmail! And the lawyer who had him convicted is Rady Kong! This looks very dodgy. I'm sure you'll find lots on this story, but there are tasters here and here to get you started. James has been given a sentence almost identical to Owen's and according to James's blog, he was also convicted in a secret trial. Interesting.

Here's another Defamation win for Rady Kong! This time it's a newspaper reporter. Read about it here. Once again, there's likely lots more out there if you're keen to look.

OK. That's enough. I think if you're looking for a lawyer who can win against the odds and make miracles happen in the courtroom, Rady Kong could be your guy. His business name is KRLO. Look him up.

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