Foreign Pedophiles in Cambodia

Sponsors Benefit

Foreign contributors to a Cambodian school for underpriveleged children get to have sex with the kids two at a time. Read the full story.

Haven for International Pedophiles

It's easy to escape the courts if you have power or money...
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Getting Hard to Detect

The perpetrators are becoming more savvy. The trend is going much more underground, and hidden, and veiled.
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Taking Kids Into the Woods

Witnesses complained that he was taking boys into a wooded area.
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Pied Piper of Pedophiles

74 year-old sent packing to the USA
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93 year-old Australian Man

approached a family offering the four daughters English lessons at his home.
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Hunting Pedophiles in Cambodia

"Don't think that simply buying a plane ticket to leave the United States and go to a country that has less robust investigative and prosecutorial capacities that you are going to be able to get away with it." Watch the video

"...predatory pedophiles know this is a very poor country, and everything is for sale." Watch the video.

"...He tried to bribe us, saying, 'how much do you want?'" Watch the video.

K.E.P. - Keep Exposing Pedophiles

Butterfly - A term frequently used for bargirls and sex-workers.

Farm - A place for cultivating the right conditions to get what you want.

The Challenge

As guests in a developing country it's our responsibility to be alert to the scams, exploitations and offences perpetrated by other westerners who are attracted to the poverty and corruption as means of facilitating access to various pleasures at great cost to poor residents of the host nation, city, province, village. The reported numbers of foreign pedophiles in Cambodia would suggest that most foreigners who live here know at least one. Some would know several. Pedophiles have likely donated to our charity, taught at our school, helped in our orphanage, moved into our town. Unless we are diligent in our observation and consideration of people's behaviors we may be complicit in facilitating the perpetration of pedophilia in Cambodia. The most difficult thing of all is being able to distance ourselves enough to objectively question the donor, the teacher, the aid or the neighbour.


There are two groups of foreigners who are particularly vulnerable to becoming accomplices, helping pedophiles to achieve their goals, despite their best intentions.

Firstly, those who struggle to run small NGOs that are not financially viable. They've committed everything they own to a good cause, and desperately need financial support. If this is you, you're on the pedophile's radar, since you have a good reputation in the community and your support will be priceless when the time comes for him to destroy anyone who might whistle-blow. If you work with kids, he may well be setting you up as a host. If you succumb to this manipulation, you may well be working directly against all you stand for as you become more and more entangles in the pedophile's web.

Secondly, those who find a common enemy in the whistle-blower. The pedophile will be on the lookout for people with any kind of negative experience with the person, people or community they're grooming, since they make easy allies.

Best Bangs for your Bucks!

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This soon-to-be-published book will give you a look inside the heads of those who spend years of their lives and loads of cash grooming kids, their families and their communities, in order to access poor, young flesh.

Pedophiles Groom the Community

If you are in [his] community, you are being targeted, as surely as the child this man aims to have sex with. Because he needs you, he needs all of us, to like him, to trust him, to protect and enable him. Read more.

The pedophile seeks opportunities to spend time with children that would be in excess of what you would reasonably expect. "[I used to] give 'em some brownies and have colors and crayons and do some artwork and... it starts out that way." See more.

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