Foreign Pedophiles in Cambodia

Sponsors Benefit

Foreign contributors to a Cambodian school for underpriveleged children get to have sex with the kids two at a time. Read the full story.

Haven for International Pedophiles

It's easy to escape the courts if you have power or money...
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Getting Hard to Detect

The perpetrators are becoming more savvy. The trend is going much more underground, and hidden, and veiled.
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Taking Kids Into the Woods

Witnesses complained that he was taking boys into a wooded area.
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Pied Piper of Pedophiles

74 year-old sent packing to the USA
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93 year-old Australian Man

approached a family offering the four daughters English lessons at his home.
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Old American English Teacher

If convicted of foreign travel to have sex with a child, he faces a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison.
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Hunting Pedophiles in Cambodia

"Don't think that simply buying a plane ticket to leave the United States and go to a country that has less robust investigative and prosecutorial capacities that you are going to be able to get away with it." Watch the video

"...predatory pedophiles know this is a very poor country, and everything is for sale." Watch the video.

"...He tried to bribe us, saying, 'how much do you want?'" Watch the video.

Know Your Village Pedophile

Exploiting the fact that the crime is pretty much always committed behind closed doors, therefore very difficult to prove, they often masquerade as philanthropists who just want to help poor people, teach them English, give their kids fun things to do, create opportunities for them. They have a web of legitimate alibis. There are always upright and moral reasons justifying why they have unfettered access to children. They exploit the fact that most people are very slow to accuse someone of being a pedophile even if they see suspicious behaviour - because of the fear that they will be accused of trouble-making.

Same the world over. Parents complained. Superiors investigated. And what happened? The school psychologist called [the perpetrator] a victim of hysteria. A pedophile... is someone adept not just at preying on children but at confusing, deceiving, and charming the adults responsible for those children. Read the full story.

They’re usually men.  They’re usually old(er).  They usually come bringing gifts, donations or opportunities for the intended victim and the victim’s family and/or community.  They’re often (but not always) overt about their desire to be around children by creating attractions that they think will bring children to them – this works as a decoy – people naively assume pedophiles would try to hide the fact that they want to be around kids.  They make their homes very child-attractive, with games, toys, videos and kids books.

As part of the grooming process, they usually paint their victims, and anybody they fear might blow their cover, as hysterical, liars, thieves and manipulators – this makes it easy to convince people that the squealing victim is really just a trouble-maker, and that the pedophile is the real victim - a generous philanthropist falsely accused of a heinous crime by a greedy, deceitful and manipulative person trying to profit from the philanthropists generosity.

They prey on the poor – while looking generous to the poor.  They exploit struggling NGOs by donating to them (this helps guarantee they’ll side with him if there’s trouble).  They create debt situations (sometimes by 'gifting' with strings attached) in order to oblige family and community to turn a blind eye.  They look for genuine philanthropists who might benefit from an injection of funds, then use them as access points or as allies if things get sticky.

They often spend a great deal of money and many years grooming a community before they strike.

They like corrupt countries where they can likely bribe court officials and police if they ever need to. 

“Normally, the accused blames others [such as the victims, people who reported them, or organisations that support victims] to clear himself,” as this guy, George, did. Read the full story.

How Can We Help?

If you see anybody in Cambodia that looks suspicious, you should report them to one (or all) of the organisations below. If you know the nationality of the suspect, you should report them to their embassy. Any report of suspicious behaviour helps the organisations and the embassies to build a case-file, which will add weight to a victim's claim should they ever have the courage to speak up. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) in the USA has a very long arm and will extradite offenders for trial in the USA. They can be contacted via the American Embassy in Phnom Penh.


US Embassy, British Embassy, French Embassy, Australian Embassy, Canadian Embassy, German Embassy, Russian Embassy.

Are We Complicit?

Consider this hypothetical. A foreigner in his 80s makes a considerable contribution to a local project in a remote location that is good for poor Cambodians with the expectation that the proprietors of that project would turn a blind eye. He tests the water with a few mild advances on girls. The victims protest and the proprietors don't turn a blind eye, so what can we expect from a sexual predator? He immediately endowes the most serious complainant with lavish gifts to shut her up, then goes about sabotaging his hosts, demanding they pay back the money he put into the project, convincing people that the hosts are ripping him off and that they are deceitful thieves. Yes, that's what he would do if he's a pedophile. The hosts eventually go public, but he's already built a base of support amongst local business people and organisations (which often work with children), by taking an interest in their respective projects and in many cases, donating small amounts of money, so the complaints fall on deaf ears. In fact, the proprietor's complaints effectively reinforce the old man's story that they're making trouble for a generous philanthropist, as he claims they have made up disgusting stories to ruin his reputation, just so they can steal more from him. Sexual predators create these catch-22s so that people who know what they're up to become seen as trouble-makers.

It's a narrow escape but this old man's successful in covering his arse. Always thinking ahead, he has, of course, already begun his next 'project' on a neighbouring property. This is his own project, designed to "help poor Cambodians", so he's the boss. Having failed in his first attempt to manipulate a host into turning a blind eye, he needs to take a more considered approach. He finds a potential manager who has a small wooden house in the city and proposes that he dismantle the house and reconstruct it on his property in the countryside as a house for him and his family to live in while he works for the predator. They agree on a price of, say, $3,000 and the manager dismantles his house, rebuilds it on the new boss's property and moves in with his family. However, the boss only pays him $1200 instead of the agreed $3000. Why would a pedophile do that? The reason might be found in the outworking of this situation. The net result is that the manager is scared to confront the boss in case he loses his job, his $1800 and he then doesn't have a home to go to. All this might just be a cagey business practice? Well, possibly. But the old man then builds a house with a kids' room, a nice TV with stocks of kids' videos, games and puzzles etc. and has the manager's three kids move in with him (despite the fact that their mum and dad live less than a hundred meters away in a perfectly good house), which suggests the motivation for twisting the manager's arm might have been to ensure he has unfettered access to the manager's children. It's exactly what a pedophile would do.

People who are over-eager to be around children. People whose homes have kid games around and other things that children will be attracted to. They know what children want. They have practiced for years and years and years. See more.

But! The manager decides that since his kids are spending most of their time behind closed doors with the boss and there's little he can do to stop this, he might as well try and profit from the situation. He knows the boss can't own land in Cambodia because he's a foreigner, so he tries to convince the boss to transfer the title into his name - after all, he's the one who takes care of the property while the boss is away. A pedophile would recognise the manager's ambition and would exploit it to its fullest - in this case, not only enjoying the company of the manager's kids but being able to manipulate the manager into delivering the occasional virgin for the boss's pleasure. The land title, of course, is never going to be transfered to the manager, since the boss is able to get such mileage out of it, and besides, the title is already in the name of a girl whom it is alleged complained about him for sexual harassment - that shut her up nicely.

So things are pretty safe for our old man. It looks highly suspicious, but nobody can really prove that he's a pedophile at this stage, despite compelling evidence, since the actual abuse of children is always going to happen behind closed doors. If the kids eventually complain, or if the manager decides to turn the old man in, then he might be convicted. However, the old man will be able to easily spread false rumours that the manager is just fabricating stories in order to sabotage the boss and get money out of him by way of compensation. There are already rumours around the small town, probably started by the old man, that the manager plans to knock the boss off as soon as he gets the property in his name, so the old man has already got a pretty good, albeit false, basis for his defence - the manager didn't get the property title so he's organised his kids to complain in order to get a few thousand dollars in compensation for the sexual abuse.

Several people have reported to local business operators the strange and/or inappropriate relationship between the old man and the children, creepy incidents etc. but since they have no actual proof of what goes on behind closed doors, these reports never get passed on to the relevant authorities.

If We Do Nothing We Are Complicit

In cases like this, it is vitally important to the victims of sexual abuse that individuals who see the inappropriate and/or suspicious behavioral patterns of these old men report what they see. Despite the fact that the old man has not been caught in the act, there may be no other sensible or reasobable explanation for the accumulation of unusual and suspicious behaviors. The only way the victims can eventually complain to the police with confidence is if they have support, since they will likely be aware of the reputation the perpetrator has created for them - as unreliable, liars, thieves, money-grabbers. The organisations can come alongside and help empower the victims. If a foreigner is charged with a criminal offence in Cambodia, their embassy is immediately notified. If the embassy and their policing departments (ICE, FBI etc.) have already has received several complaints regarding the perpetrator, then they can assist in the prosecution and the likelihood of conviction is increased.

Often, sexual predators' only defence is to claim that the victim is fabricating their complaint. If there is no compelling evidence beyond the victims testimony, sadly, the perpetrator will likely walk free.

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Pedophiles Groom the Community

If you are in [his] community, you are being targeted, as surely as the child this man aims to have sex with. Because he needs you, he needs all of us, to like him, to trust him, to protect and enable him. Read more.

The pedophile seeks opportunities to spend time with children that would be in excess of what you would reasonably expect. "[I used to] give 'em some brownies and have colors and crayons and do some artwork and... it starts out that way." See more.

WATCH - an 87 year old American being entertained by poor, vulnerable, young Cambodian kids 'doing yoga'.

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